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a punk
2 March 2011

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20 September 2009

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mseguid on Travellers feet
I like it. Well done

Lewis on Travellers feet
See you later !

Claudiel on Travellers feet
I wish you many years of walking.

Lewis on Travellers feet
They have carried you to many lovely places!

L'Angevine on Travellers feet

Marjolein on Travellers feet
Ha ha...Your name is even engraved after all that runs ;-0

Elaine Hancock on Travellers feet
They look well worn and a bit tired! They have many stories to tell!

Harry on Travellers feet
one little piggy went "wee wee wee" all the way home.

Irene on Travellers feet
I hope you will have many more years of living.

Lena on Travellers feet
great abstract, excellent B/W.

Curly on Travellers feet
Documentary shot, with a bit of an artistic twist i.e. the grain! It works well for me.

Daryl Johnson on Travellers feet
I like your quirky view...

Steven on Travellers feet
Nothing that a little Vaseline can't cure!! ;-) Here's to many more miles ahead!

B. Thomas on The Russian boy who Conquered Finland!
Beautiful dog.

B. Thomas on Travellers feet
I hope you take good care of your feet. Walk on.

Mhelene on Travellers feet
Quite a story !I think that we have many roads in the life . " Keep on walking ..." Superb image .

Ruthiebear on Travellers feet

L'Angevine on Mi Familia
oh excellent

Nicou on Travellers feet
Pas ce corps au pied quelle vue de ces pieds et iamge sueprbe. amitié

Willem on Travellers feet
I have said this before, the name in the middle of the picture is not nice. A fine detail photo in beautiful ...

Devi on Travellers feet
Hope your family walks with you too! Great walking days ahead.. Nice impressive image !

Shaun on Travellers feet
I have to agree with Grouser on the positioning of your name in the center of your images. I think it detracts from the ...

Hiro on Travellers feet
Excellent original shot

grouser on Travellers feet
Some feet/feat :) Your name tag in the middle a slight distraction though

Martine Libouton on Travellers feet
J'aime beaucoup !!! Ta photo me fait penser à ce passage du livre de Lanzmann Marcher, C'est aller ...

Jypyä Pop on Travellers feet
Good, no cures

tataray on Travellers feet
Ma photo ratée t'as donné de bonnes idées pour les pieds ! !!!!!.....:)(

Elaine Hancock on Mi Familia
A wonderful image! It was really hot here today. I could use a little snow right about now!

Harry on Mi Familia
hope those shoes are waterproof!

Irene on Mi Familia
Snow ! I like it !

Shaun on Mi Familia
This is a very cold image, but a great one. I like the way you took this shot.

Daryl Johnson on Mi Familia
Wonderfully done, great image.

Aly on The Russian boy who Conquered Finland!
Lovely portrait !

Aly on Mi Familia
Snow schoes . You have snow on this moment? Yes you need you famely! Kind regards

Mireille T. on Mi Familia
I love the point of view here! Excellent!

Curly on Mi Familia
Let me guess..............these are the boots of two bakers? :-)

Steven on Mi Familia
Great capture of the two together!! I hope this wasn't a recent photo with unexpected snowfall. :-)

Ruthiebear on Mi Familia
A heartfelt moment and image.

Kyu on Mi Familia
Stunning image. Excellent composition.

Nicou on Mi Familia
Les pieds dans la neige superbe captage très original. amitié

Steve Rice on The Russian boy who Conquered Finland!
A sweet and beautiful friend.

Lewis on Mi Familia
A beautiful shot showing togetherness.

Lewis on The Russian boy who Conquered Finland!
Such a sweet face, great shot of your dog in the forest.

Nina on Mi Familia
cool photo!

k@ on Mi Familia
I love this, clever !

Willem on Mi Familia
A well framed result in nice monochrome.

Marjolein on Mi Familia
The people you can always fall back on

beach on Mi Familia
Nice portrait

L'Angevine on The Russian boy who Conquered Finland!

Mhelene on Mi Familia
superb framing .

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